Below you will find some of the projects we’ve been working on the past year, we will update as more opportunities present themselves.


Blue Weed Pull fundraiser-In April, 2017, a group of volunteers pulled weeds on a local ranch to raise money for the group, check it out!

Cabin Lake Trail Loop Clearing- June 23, 24-a group of volunteers went up to Cabin Lake in the Cube Iron/Silcox area and cleared the popular 4 Lakes Trail.

Deerhorn Trail Clearing to Priscilla Peak Look Out-In August 2018, a group of volunteers cleared the defunct Deerhorn Trail to the Priscilla Peak Look Out. Read about our adventure here!


Trail Clearings-Trail clearing with Cabinet Back Country Horsemen: July 14-16, clearing Cataract Peak. More info can be found here:


Walks-We are leading 4 wilderness walks with the Montana Wilderness Association this year:

Dates and places:

(Lolo side)
June 28th: Vermilion Pass to Mount Headley
July 8th: Four Lakes and Cube Iron Pass
*Hike information can be found here: Cube Iron hike recap

(Kootenai side)
June 22: Waterhill to Seven Point Mtn
September 14: Cataract Creek to Seven Point Man

Water Hill on the way down

In 2018 and 2019, volunteers from the Montana Wilderness Association, Back Country Hunters and Anglers, Forest Service and CICC members participated in a trail clearing in the Cataract Roadless Area and were based out of Willow Creek Campground. The great story can be found in our 2020 Spring News Letter by clicking here! Trail clearing and cooking!


2019 Summer Walks and Rides Kick-off Event-On April 23, us and some of our partners got together in Thompson Falls, MT for our inaugural event kick off. Information is here



Unfortunately, we had to postpone our 2020 CICC event. We will have further information in the future in regards to a new date.

Trail work:
This year, we’re working on clearing the 4 Lakes Trail in Thompson Falls and we’re leading several hikes in the area. We’ll have more information in the near future. We’re planning on doing a hike with the White Bark Pine Foundation and we’ll have some exciting information about that.

Here are the dates of our hikes:
June 27, Mt. Headley w/ Doug Ferrell
August 9, Mt.Silcox Loop w/ Mark Sheets
September 12, Slide Rock Mountain w/ Doug Ferrell

Hikes in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness:
August 1, Geiger Lake, Allie Maloney
August 29, North Fork Bull River, Allie Maloney
September 15, St.Paul Lake, Doug Ferrell

8 Wildflower views (1)

Lookout work from our partners:


Our friends at the Wildhorse (Plains Chapter) Back Country Horsemen have recently been partners in restoring the Big Hole Lookout in Plains, Montana. This process took several years and it is quite impressive. Below is a video of the process, if you have time to view it, it is very impressive and inspiring to watch. 

Big Hole Lookout Restoration Video




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